Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Chichi...
 My beautiful Chichi is 90 feline years old today...


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting ready for New Year's Eve...!
Making miniatures is exhausting...!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks to all my new followers and to everyone for their lovely inspiring comments... the time has gone sooo quickly and I have been in Italy scouring for minis... hopefully I will have some time for what I love to do most.... making miniatures!! Today I have the bug... !!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome and thank you to all my new followers who I have not had time to meet. I have had sooooo much work (my real job) in the last few months that I have had no time for my minis... soon... very soon... in the meantime here is a photo of my splendid Chichi....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For Francesca...

I made this room box for my friend's gorgeous 6 year old daughter (Checca) with all her favorite books and family pictures. The bed head is a painted belt buckle.
I'm not the best photographer and maybe someone might be able to suggest a good camera I could purchase that would take clearer photos... ahh... the joys of minis... If only one didn't have to work and could just play all day...!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can't believe that January has gone by and that my holidays are over... I haven't spent anywhere near the amount of time I would like to on my minis but am working on a project at the moment and will post it soon...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season and looking forward to seeing many of your beautiful miniatures in 2010... thanks for following!!

Auguri per un buon Natale e sperando che il 2010 sara' piena di opportunita' per continuare a creare le miniature bellissime che vedo in tutti i vostri siti.... Buon Natale...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bring on the holidays.....

Thanks to everyone who has joined my blog in the last few months.. I feel so special...! I have not been able to play with my miniatures as I have been at work but I go on holidays at the end of this week for 6 weeks. I am still recuperating from spinal surgery so will have 6 weeks of nothing but miniatures!!!! In the meantime Chichi had a birthday.. she is now 15 (77 feline years) and is anxiously waiting for me to pull out all my miniature items so she can play too!! Hope you are all well..

Friday, October 9, 2009


It's so great to live in an era where I can sit in my pyjamas in front of my computer and shop in the USA.. received my purchases of olive oil, onions, garlic, spaghetti on the boil, artichokes, pumpkins and a brass mould... Such joy!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My favorite rooms

These are my favorite rooms so I have put them on top!! Descriptions of what I made are in the "older posts" section. For an idea of size the plates on the left hand side on the wall in the Chichi boutique above are about the size of a 10 cent piece. These 3 rooms are part of an 11 room cabinet I have been making over the last 8 years. Double click the picture to enlarge.

Emanuela's Room Box

This is a roombox I made for Emanuela (Federica's sister in Italy). I designed the wallpaper in photoshop and made all the books, handbag and perfume bottles. There is a battery operated light on the shelf and lots of photos of her and her family. The cross stitch angel on the wall was a printout of one that I actually stitched. Gave both these things to her for her wedding.

Federica's Room Box

I made this room box for my cousin in Italy therefore all the wording is in Italian. This room box was quite intricate. I made all the balls of cotton, buttons, dress patterns, magazines, bolts of fabrics and books. Took it with me in my cabin luggage and put the glass frame on it when I got there. It also has a battery operated light just above the desk.

Alessio's Room Box

A made this room box for a special boy with all his favorite things in it including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, pink doughnuts and pictures of his family.

Room 11 - The Laundry

The laundry is full of bits and pieces from everywhere. The washing machine and sink are both huge keyrings and battery operated. The washing machine vibrates and the sink makes running water sounds. The shoes are Barbie shoes I have painted and many items on the shelves including the books, seed packets and magazines I have made myself.

The Dining Room 2 - Room 10

The dining room has been completely refurbished. It was once green. I made all the books on the shelves and purchased the cheese platter and orange juice from a wonderful lady named Andrea Currie and is usually at all the Miniature shows in Victoria. I painted all the furniture and tried to get the provincial feel that I love.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Kitchen - Room 9

The kitchen is an old set I have had for years. I've tried to give it a provincial feel but one day I'll make a more beautiful provincial kitchen. The calendar on the fridge depicts the castle in my father's town Crecchio. A beautifual medieval village in central Italy. I try to have something depicting dates so I remember when they were made! The tulip design fridge magnet I purchased in Prague on St Charles Bridge. They were a set of earrings. The shopping list has all mine and Chichi's favorite goodies...!!

Chichi Boutique - Room 8

My favorite room...

Chichi Boutique - Room 8

This is my favorite room and I have just redone it all. I made all the magazines, books, perfume bottles, ribbons and the tiny soaps (about the size of a large lentil!). I named it Chichi Boutique and although it started off as a craft room it evolved into a bit of everything I like including fine bone china, porcelain and perfume bottles. I made all the labels for the Chanel bottles and painstakingly cut them out and gave them a gold border.... lost many of them along the way...The book on the counter is the story of Marie Antoinette's Perfume maker. Guerlain have a perfume named after her garden at the Trianons which is called "Les Jardins De Bagatelle". I also make all the handbags with leather bags I purchased and cut up. The burgundy one on the left is real snake skin.

The Lounge Room - Room 7

The photo on the mantlepiece is of my parent wedding. I made the bellows, the books and the couches. The rugs are tapestry wallets that have been cut up and the beautiful silver Orthodox Icon of Our Lady is a key ring I purchased from a Greek gift shop