Sunday, June 11, 2017


Second Bedroom
Many years ago I had a cabinet made with 11 rooms. I wired it with electricity and hunted wallpaper stores for their sample books to use in the rooms. Now I make templates in cardboard then glue them onto the walls as it is easier to work on a table top. When I first started making miniatures many, many years ago I loved the Victorian look. Things have changed and now I prefer French Provincial, French Country, Rococo, neo-classical and Gustavian styles

This is the second bedroom and one of my favorite rooms. I never planned for it to be this color. It was initially supposed to be white but it just evolved. The statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague on the dressing table was purchased at the church in Prague. I made all the Chanel and perfume bottles and all the books of my favorite subjects including Rococo artists Fragonard and Boucher, perfume bottles and of St Francis of Assisi. I don’t like my miniatures to look perfect so I prefer to use old jewelry and findings and cheap doll house furniture then embellish. The last 2 photos show what the room looked like before I changed it and the initial planning stage

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  1. Me encanta el cambio que le has dado a ése dormitorio,el color es precioso y todo armoniza,muy buen trabajo!!

  2. I adore the way you have up-graded the furniture and the decor of this roombox.
    The muted steel blue color with the old gold is an elegant combination and perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the interior.
    I'm a Big Fan of re-purposing old jewelry too and I love the way you have transformed bits of your collection into such a Beautiful display! Love your CHANEL bottles and the way you have dressed the dresser, and the corner of the room with the wire shelf unit filled with books and toys, which indicates that this is the bedroom of a blossoming young lady, with lingering ties to childhood.
    Very romantic and very French!