Monday, June 19, 2017


The Laundry

There are lots of bits and pieces in this room which took me a long time to make and changes often when new miniatures are found! All the wall paneling and floor is made from miniature roof shingles which I cut and pasted and then painted to give a ‘brick’ effect. The ceiling beams are made with balsa wood. The washing machine is battery operated and vibrates when the button is pressed. It was originally a key ring. The sink makes running water noises. I have used gumnuts which is a native Australian plant and there is also a boomerang on the wall above a mini cross stitch I made one time with a miniature group I was involved in.

On the shelf there are many items from Italy including a miniature “Trullo” (second shelf),  which is a typical house in Alberobello, Puglia. I bought it from there on one of my travels and it is all hand made with the original stone. On the third shelf there is a “Conca Abruzzese” which was originally used by women in ancient times to collect water from the well. My father brought me this one back from Italy in 1975 when I was a little girl so it is one of my treasured miniatures. The salami is from the US! The last photo is what it looked like before I changed the room a few years ago.

...and of course, the Gigi monster making sure that everything is to her liking!

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  1. Did you do all the miniatures yourself?
    My mouth is open ... i'm speechless!!!!